See 7 things you don't even think you might be eating the wrong way

Eating should be something simple: open your mouth, put food, chew and swallow. But in some situations, this basic necessity of life has a set of subtle complexities that can end up complicating everything.

Many foods are easy to consume, while others require more attention when biting, peeling, or performing “snapping” techniques, like a big hamburger, for example. As a result, many websites and videos have clarified several occasions when we are eating some items the wrong way.

Of course each person can eat any way they want, but these “tutorials” give us valuable tips to make it easier and cleaner in many cases. Check out below seven foods and the most simple and practical ways to consume them.

1 - Orange and Gossip


This way of peeling oranges and gossip will surprise you. The first step is to take a knife and cut small slices on the top and bottom of the fruit. Then cut an opening on the side and you're done! Now just unroll the orange, leaving a nice and juicy line of buds to be tasted.

2 - Banana

Most people begin to peel the banana from the tip that has a longer stem. But if you peel off from the other side, it will be much easier, because there the fruit contains fewer fibrous parts. This is also the way monkeys open their bananas, so we can be assured of those who understand it.

3 - Cupcake


Cupcakes are beautiful cupcakes with filling and a good deal of creamy icing. It can often be a real challenge to eat this treat without messing your hand, mouth and even nose.

Most people eat the cupcake in two ways: the first is by removing the paper from the cupcake and bite it with its mouth wide open to wrap the dough and filling without smearing (which is almost impossible). The second way is by eating the topping before and the cupcake after.

But the easiest and coolest way to eat the cupcake is simply by gently removing its bottom and placing it on top of the top, like a sandwich! This way, it can be consumed without getting that creaminess on your nose and making the most of the topping and batter flavors together.

4 - Chicken Wings

Certainly, there is no clean way to eat chicken wings by hand. But you can make this situation less messy and simpler to eat by making the most of meat.


The technique is to rotate and remove the joining cartilage between the bones, which makes them loosen easily for removal. Check out more details in the video above.

5 - Manga


Have you ever imagined peeling mango with the help of a cup? The technique is very cool and makes less dirt than the usual way to peel. It can also be made with firm plastic cups.

6 - Toblerone

There is a simpler way to break the pieces of this well-known chocolate. But of course, this is just a suggestion because you can eat it any way you want. In this technique, the thumb is used to break and hold each small triangle of the treat. Check it out in the video.

7 - Apple

Did you know that most people waste about 30% of every apple consumed? Generally, we set aside the cab and bottom part. However, there is a way to enjoy the whole apple, starting at the bottom. Check out the video above and be surprised. Where did the seeds go?

* Originally posted 23/07/2014.