Watch 8 videos of robberies that luckily went wrong for the bad guys

The bad guys are everywhere in the world, whether in the rich countries or in the regions considered most dangerous. We all know that if we are robbed, it is not advisable to react to their attacks, as their actions are always hasty and can lead to sad outcomes. However, there are some brave ones who, with luck too, reacted to the attacks and managed to put fear into the assailants.

These often very impulsive vigilantes managed to get rid of some successful robberies. Remember that we do not support any kind of reaction in these situations - always think of your safety first. Watch 8 videos of victims who did not conform to the unexpected attack and retaliated against the same coin:

1 - The man who overthrew two thieves

2 - 71-year-old man reacts to robbery and shoots bandits

3 - Man in wheelchair hangs the thief

4 - McDonald`s Customers Take Down Burglar

5 - Spider-Man Costume Prevents Robbery Shop Heist

6 - Pistol right in the thief's mouth

7 - Client prevents robbery by attacking bandit with beer bottles

8 - Drunk man can prevent assault

And can you remember any other cases where the victims managed to reverse the situation and get rid of the bad guys? If you know of any stories or videos, share them in the comments.