See National Geographic covers from the last 130 years in 2 minutes

If there is a publication with a legion of fans worldwide, this is National Geographic! We at Mega Curioso are even among them - as you probably have already noticed - and we often share discoveries, extraordinary images and news related in some way to this illustrious society.

For, according to Andrew Liszewski of the Sploid website in 2018, National Geographic completes 130 years of history. And to kick off a series of special materials, stories, and editorials that are sure to be produced to celebrate this milestone, the magazine's people have created a video that brings together all the covers that have stamped the publication all along. Watch below:

Since the publication of the first magazine in October 1888, just nine months after the founding of the National Geographic Society - a non-profit society focused on the exploration and dissemination of knowledge in the world founded by members of the US intellectual and scientific community -, You can see how much the covers and the organization itself has evolved in these 130 years.

Well, the clip is just an example of what's coming around 2018, and you can rest assured that we'll continue to share National Geographic commemorative specials here. For sure we will see a lot of cool!