See hundreds of balls bouncing on an escalator [video]

Are you the type to be bothered when the escalators are crowded with people? After all, have you ever thought about the confusion if any of the users trip or if someone's skirt bar gets caught in the gears? Imagine if - on a day when you're late for an important appointment - you come across a ladder that looks more like a cascade of balls!

Because someone decided to release hundreds of colored balls on a treadmill and - aside from the fact that several people had to use the conventional ladder to move from floor to floor and do some exercise - the most interesting thing is that the balls are carried up the stairs and once there begin to bounce down the stairs where the cycle begins again. Check out the following video:

The video was posted by the people of YouTube's EN was not here channel two years ago, and it seems like the experiment goes a long way to one of those perpetual motion machines, don't you think? Plus, it's going to say that it's not strangely relaxing to watch the bowls bouncing up the escalator!