See what it's like to ride the tallest bike in the world [video]

Just imagine: You are walking carefree down the street when suddenly a guy appears next to you riding a bicycle over six feet tall. Awesome, isn't it? Well, the bike in question really exists and was built by Richie Trimble, who had the dream of getting into the record book.

A resident of the city of Los Angeles, California, Trimble took four days of uninterrupted work to assemble his giant bike. By Christmas Eve, the boy was welding steel and building what was to become the tallest bicycle in the world.

Since the bike was 6.15 meters high and weighed over 90 kg, the boy had to climb a pole to ride the bike. In the video above - not very recommended for those who are afraid of heights - you can see what the view looks like when you're so far from the ground. Although the journey has not been very long, the feeling is very distressing. Any slip and ride would ensure a direct ticket to the hospital.

Fortunately, all went well, and at the end of the recording, Trimble happily displays his entry certificate in the record for building and riding the tallest bicycle in the world.