See what it's like to ride a cliff down the Redbull race [video]

Stop everything you're doing and watch this guy, who with a camera attached to his bike managed to get down a mountain trail in a surprising way. We are talking about Kelly McGarry, already known for his courage to perform tests involving absurd levels of adrenaline.

McGarry took second place in the Red Bull competition held in Utah, USA, which we talked about here at Mega Curious a few days ago, remember? The difference is that in the previous video you see the performance of Cam Zink, who came in third and broke into the Book of Records due to a sensational maneuver he decided to do during the race.

In the video you will see below, the point of view is different: you will have the feeling of seeing the race as if the bike were driven by you and not by McGarry. The video is just amazing - watch it and then tell us what you think about the courage of people taking part in such races. Would you dare to venture this far?