See what life was like in Tokyo, Japan, over a century ago

Tokyo, Japan. Capital of the country since the 19th century, when it was renamed Edo to its current name and became the seat of the Japanese government, the metropolis is home to a population of about 38 million - counting the population of the metropolitan regions -, which makes it one of the most populous cities on the planet.

Nowadays, it is impossible not to think of Tokyo as a supermodern metropolis full of people moving around. But what about a century ago, what would life be like in the Japanese capital? The video you will see next, produced by Guy Jones - from whom we have already shared other work here at Mega Curious - shows a little bit of how Tokyo lived and gives us an idea of ​​how the city grew and evolved over the years. years. Check out:

Time travel

According to the folks at Twisted Sifter, the video you just watched above is made up of several old snippets - more specifically, from minute 0:06 to 1:35, we get footage taken in 1913, and from minute 1: 36 to 4:06, 1915 scenes. What Guy did was put it all together in one clip, correct the speed to reflect the normal rhythm, and include sounds and noises to give it more realism.

Even more than a century ago, life in the Japanese capital was pretty busy - as you saw in the scenes - and it's impossible not to be amazed at how much the city developed, especially since when the images were captured so far, the world went through two major world wars, conflicts that directly affected the Japanese population. Amazing, right?


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