See how hamsters can get so much food in their mouths at the same time

You may have seen comedy videos of hamsters stuffing a lot more food in the mouth than they could eat at one time. The cheeks of these animals get huge, but few people know precisely how it happens. The BBC followed and, in a documentary, "figured out" what the rodent procedure is like in these situations.

The video was made with standard cameras and an x-ray to see from afar how the animal behaved when storing food. As you can see below, hamsters can “stretch” their cheeks to their hips. All of this space can be used to store food without being compromised by saliva. They can basically stop producing saliva when they need it.

In addition to facilitating the transport of food to the individual and their offspring, these superb cheeks help to distribute the weight of the load throughout the body. That way the little creature can walk and run with less difficulty.

Via TecMundo