See what Virgin Galactic's space suits look like

Vigin Galactic's future space travelers already know what they will wear on their future forays. The space company recently introduced costumes developed by Under Armor. The blue overalls are made of lightweight fabric and designed to provide protection and comfort for those who wear them, even with material to help control body temperature.

(Source: Under Armor / Press Release)

The spatial ensemble has a basic layer, the suit itself, a training suit, a jacket and shoes.

According to Richard Branson, the founding billionaire of Virgin Galactic, the result was surprising. In comments to the press he even said that: “Space suits are part of the iconography of the first space age; our visual impressions of human spaceflight and what astronauts wear are inextricably linked. ”

(Source: Under Armor / Press Release)

Under Armor and Virgin Galactic pointed out that for the design of apparel, professionals and specialists from various fields were consulted as engineers, shoe designers, astronaut trainers, doctors and future astronauts.

(Source: Under Armor / Press Release)

All of the equipment has passed laboratory tests and will be used by Virgin's commercial flight testing teams. The company expects to begin this phase as early as 2020.

Tickets for these commercial flights will cost around $ 250, 000 for a 2.5-hour ride. So far, according to the company, 600 people have already made reservations.