See what happened to these 13 animals after being adopted

1. After adoption, the sad look was replaced by a cheerful and playful countenance.

2. After suffering from abandonment, they discovered the pleasure of being with someone

3. After wandering aimlessly through the streets, they finally found a place to call their

4. From caged animals, they have been turned into a person's best friend

5. And if they needed to wait for a good soul to arrive at the shelter, now they just wait for the new owner to come home.

6. If food was scarce before, now you can even repeat the meal

7. They set aside the bad times and now only live to brighten the lives of their new owners.

8. Mistreatment has become a memory of a past that will never return

9. If once rejected, they now know the meaning of true friendship.

10. From shrewd and frightened animals, they become the stars of our Instagram accounts

11. And even old men know how to complete our lives

12. After leaving the shelters, they enjoy every minute of freedom.

13. And even if you don't realize it, your life also changes

* Posted on 6/30/2017