See why being a photographer's son is an amazing experience

It is undeniable that having children is not one of the easiest tasks there is; But with relaxation and creativity, the routine of raising them can turn into a great adventure, and that is exactly what happens at the home of the Israeli Guy Vainer.

A professional photographer, he decided to unite two of his greatest passions - photography and parenting - in a beyond creative essay with his children. In it, the twins "try out" things like big people, such as joining happy hour in a bar, shaving, and weight training. The following are these and other hilarious records:

1. To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond

2. Introduction to hypertrophy

Introduction to hypertrophy

3. Checkmate


4. Fierce Dispute

Fierce Dispute

5. World Domination Planning

world domination

6. Child trapeze artists

Child trapeze artists

7. Changing the diapers

Trading the frauds

8. Happy Hour

happy hour

9. Dirty clothes wash at home

washes at home

10. Shaving


11. Unity is strength

Unity is strength

12. Recreating the cover of the album "Queen II"

Queen II

13. Homemade boy band

Homemade boy band

14. Dealing with the stock exchange

stock Exchange

15. Reframing the look of the father

father's look