Sale of soda in large glasses will be banned in New York

(Image source: Playback / The Huffington Post)

According to the NY Times, a measure has just been passed in New York that prohibits the marketing of soft drinks and any other type of sugar-sweetened drink in glasses exceeding 500 ml in movie theaters, restaurants, football stadiums, food chains. snack bars and even street kiosks.

However, the measure exempts products sold in supermarkets, diet versions and beverages containing more than 70% fruit juice or 50% milk and alcoholic beverages. The machines would also be exempt, as would convenience stores and some newsstands.

"Only" half a liter

According to the publication, the move is causing a stir among members of the beverage industry and owners of restaurants and similar establishments, who fear strong sales declines. In addition, some surveys have indicated that 60% of the population also opposes the ban.

However, law enforcement officials believe the measure will eventually be accepted, just as it did when the smoke-free law came into force. Also, if customers really want to consume more soda, they simply need to buy more units.

Sources: NY Times and The Huffington Post