US Vice President Explains Space Force, Pokes China, Russia

The whole thing started in a joke, but soon after thinking it over, US President Donald Trump decided to make a Space Force official. Deputy Mike Pence now gives more details of how the unit responsible for monitoring Earth's orbit should work. This is the first military derivative since the establishment of the Air Force in 1947.

Mike Pence points out that 'bold strides will be needed to have the technologies needed'

Pence says the idea is to “restore US dominance in space” and the project should start in 2020. Like Trump, he accuses opponents of turning space into a “war domain” and says that “ as on land, in the air and in the sea, it is necessary to create a new military service. ” This is the sixth war front of the Yankees.

The new structure will be called the US Space Command and will be headed by a four-star general to ensure integration with the other US military. The idea is to create space-specific tactics and an elite group of fighters. The recruitment of men and women will be carried out by a new organization, the Space Development Agency, which will also make "bold advances to have the technologies needed to be faster than our adversaries."

This Space Force will have an Assistant Secretary for Space Defense, who will communicate directly with the Secretary of Defense. The money to cover all this should be included in the 2019 spending forecast and the unit is expected to be operational the following year.

Vice says China-launched missile to shoot down satellite was "highly provocative"

Pence's statement also served as a warning to rival governments. "What was once peaceful and undisputed is now troubled and hostile. Other countries threaten US space resources like never before, developing technologies that can block, obstruct and disable ground communications satellites." other countries ”are Russia and China.

Creation of the Space Force has been criticized by several senators

He recalled a 2007 test, when China used a missile to destroy a dying satellite, which he called "highly provocative." He cited sophisticated technologies being developed by both countries - such as laser weapons - that could be used to disable US probes.

Pence said the Chinese had been investing heavily in hypersonic missiles capable of avoiding detection by the US military, and the first eastern hypersonic aircraft would have passed its first successful test last week. He also warned that China and Russia are including anti-satellite attacks in their war guidelines.


Spaceship such as the X-37B, used by the United States Air Force, can be deployed to join the Space Force.

"The actions of our opponents make it clear that they have already turned space into a combat domain and the United States will not shirk this challenge. We will meet head on. America will always seek peace - but peace comes only by force." . ”

Meanwhile, both politicians and public opinion have criticized the initiative. According to them, new bureaucratic actions, as well as costs and massive reorganization of the military structure would have a negative impact on the federal administration.