Neighborhood Calls Police for Too Realistic Halloween Decor

In the United States, Halloween is beginning to appear in early October with decorated houses, costume shops and countless theme parties. There, people take the joke very seriously, maybe even overdoing it sometimes.

In the middle of October, a curious case happened in the city of Mustang (Oklahoma), in the United States. Some neighbors near a house that showed a horror scenario called the police because they thought two people were really dead.

Image Source: Reproduction / Metro UK

They saw one person crushed by a car tire and another through the garage door with blood dripping. What they didn't know was that it was all just a Halloween decoration.

Family tradition

The family of the house where the supposed bodies would be spent a good time decorating the yard and garage with ghosts and headstones - a decoration commonly used on Halloween. However, the highlight of the decoration (at least for the morbid family) was the two bodies in front of the garage.

The setting up of the horror scenario was so realistic that someone called the police and the emergency to report on the bodies, and the services, wasting their time on other important calls, went to the scene.

Image Source: Reproduction / Metro UK

Buck Johnnie Mullins, the owner of the house, said his children wanted to make a decoration for Halloween and, he said, that's what they did. “I'm just trying to scare people. This is what I can do. The neighborhood kids didn't freak out or anything. It's Halloween I don't think I went too far, "he told News 9, a local TV channel.

Already one of her neighbors, Rebecca Fuentes, who called the emergency didn't find it funny at all: "My heart was almost out of my chest. I thought, 'Oh my God.' If I thought it was real, imagine what a would you think? "Fuentes told the regional news. Did you find it too macabre or did you like the idea of ​​decoration?