Do you guess what was in a time capsule buried in 1993?

Time capsules are containers that people fill with different objects of any kind - usually representative of the era or of sentimental value - and place them somewhere hard to reach so they can spend a long time before being accessed again. Opening a time capsule is always exciting, because it's hard to imagine what we can find there.

For one of these time capsules was opened at Shenandoah University 25 years after it was buried by its students, and what was revealed is the face of the 1990s. It shows a much simpler reality than today, when there was no Internet and smartphones were still science fiction movie devices.

Direct from the time Warp

Certain objects contained in the time capsule were damaged, such as a photo of a student's visit to Switzerland where we can see the majestic hairstyles worn in 1993. Cassette tapes - which many people in today's streaming age don't even know what it is - were also found on the container, along with a Beatles album, a small sculpture of a hippo, a Pooh Teddy bear doll and a toy dinosaur dating back to the release of the first Jurassic Park.

The video shows the process of opening the time capsule and everything found in it. Check out:

Do you guess what was in a time capsule buried in 1993? via TecMundo