Do you know the theory that "Jack the Ripper" may have been a woman?

If there's one thing left out there are theories about who really was "Jack the Ripper, " the bloodthirsty murderer responsible for the deaths of - at least - 5 women in late 19th century England. The identity of the serial killer has never been confirmed., as you may know, and turn and stir new hypotheses arise about who he might have been, and one of them suggests that Jack would actually be Jackie .


This theory, in fact, is not what we might call new, since there is even a book that explores this possibility - "Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman" or "Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman" ”By author John Morris. However, as the alleged perpetrator signed the letters he sent to authorities with a male nickname, the idea that the serial killer could be a woman was never much investigated.

Murder scene

Illustration showing one of Jack's victims - or "Jackie" (Strawberry Tours)

However, according to Paul Seaburn of Mysterious Universe, when Jack's last confirmed victim was discovered, Mary Jane Kelly, some witnesses claimed to have seen someone flee the crime scene wearing the poor woman's clothes - and that's where it came from. the theory that the killer could be a killer .

Another factor presented to support this possibility is that the serial killer removed the womb of four of the five known victims, and apparently attempted to extract the last one. In fact, because of the brutal but precise injuries identified in women - all prostitutes working in the Whitechapel region - a strong suspicion was that the person behind the crimes had anatomical knowledge.


According to Paul, the author of the book that argues that the killer may have been a woman believes the evidence suggests that the perpetrator of the crimes, instead of being a doctor, could be an assistant to one. So for Morris, a candidate for "Jackie the Ripper" would be Lizzie Williams, the wife of a local doctor named Sir John Williams - who assisted her husband with his patients.

Jack's victim

Could the killer really have been a woman? (Public Radio International)

The doctor, as Morris points out in his book, was briefly considered suspect and investigated, while his wife, Lizzie, did not. However, according to the author, she was unable to have children and may have begun to channel her immense frustration in the form of insane hatred for prostitutes.

According to the writer, an interesting aspect about the crimes is that none of the victims seems to have been sexually abused, something that, in Morris's view, should have happened, considering who the women were and the nature of the crimes. In the end, Lizzie was not even questioned, but in 1888, the year the last corpse was found, the doctor's wife suffered a nerve attack and died in 1912.

Lizzie williams

That would be Lizzie Williams (Xman)

What is curious, as Paul pointed out from Mysterious Universe, is that the people of The London Dungeon - a popular London attraction that recreates bloody moments from London's past with the help of over-elaborate scenarios and the participation of actors - decided to launch a special presentation exploring Morris's thesis. And you, dear reader, already knew this theory? Do you believe that makes sense? Tell it in the comments!


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