Have you ever wondered why the letters YKK appear on the zippers?

If you're one of those who believe that letter and number combinations can conceal incredible conspiracy theories, I have to inform you that the code that appears in the vast majority of zippers in the world hides nothing much. (But if you want to have fun with secret codes, be sure to stop by!)

The letters YKK are an acronym for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha - which looks more like a tongue twister, but is just the name of the Japanese company that makes about 90% of the zippers around the world. The company was founded in 1934 by Tadao Yoshida, and its name only means Yoshida Industry Limited.

YKK currently has 206 industrial facilities in 52 countries. It is also responsible for the largest zipper factory in the world, which is in Georgia in the United States, and produces more than 7 million units a day. But it's not just zip fasteners (I've always wanted to write that word) that YKK lives in: YKK also produces buttons, other types of fasteners and zipper machines!


Successful Philosophy

But if you have never noticed that the vast majority of the zippers in the world come with this inscription, please stop reading this article for a moment and check the zippers around you. Check out jackets, bags, backpacks and don't forget the fly!

Well, if out of every 10 zippers produced in the world, 9 are from YKK, the probability that you have found at least one of the Japanese trims is very high. And the secret of the company's success lies in what Mr. Yoshida called the "Kindness Cycle."

It is a principle that holds that "no one prospers unless it brings benefits to others." From then on, the Japanese entrepreneur has pledged to produce the best zippers in the world and works to ensure that the products and services he offers bring benefits to his customers and society, while favoring his own company and its employees.

* Posted on 5/21/2015


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