Have you heard of a sinister alert discovered in Google Translate?

Chances are you have already used Google's translation tool to check the meaning of a word or check the meaning of a more complex sentence. However, there are people out there with a lot - but a lot of - free time ( and little dishes to wash ) who keep typing random sequences in the Translator's search field to see what happens, and recently, in one of these jokes, someone discovered a Very strange message.


According to Brett Tingley of Mysterious Universe, the case was shared this week on Reddit - a content discussion site circulating on the Internet - and, according to users, by typing the word "dog" 20 times on Google Translator and asking the tool to translate from Hawaiian to English (we say these are people with a lot of time left!), There was a warning about the imminence of the end of the world. See a print below:

Alert message

Think about the time the person didn't spend ... (Mysterious Universe)

As you may have noticed from the above screenshot, the translation obviously does not consist of the word "dog" repeated 20 times in Hawaiian - which, if you were curious, is ka'ilio . Instead, according to Reddit users, the Google tool returned the following message:

* Considering we are talking about crazy messages supposedly produced by Google Translate, we at Mega Curioso thought it would be fun to use the tool to convert text from English to Portuguese. Then follows the literal copy of what the oracle delivered:

Google Message

That's what the "Oracle" said ...

In the text above, the term “Apocalypse Clock” probably refers to the Doomsday Clock, which we already talked about here at Mega Curious and which, at the beginning of the year, was advanced by 30 seconds and currently stands at 23:58, or ie 2 minutes to the "end of the world". And it's no use opening Google running and trying to recreate the print translation, because the anomaly has already been eliminated - and no one knows what the whole thing stands for.

Oracle confused?

As Brett explained, after the translation was shared on Reddit, several users of the site pointed out that they had already seen other strange warning messages pop up after typing in word sequences. Other people who participated in the discussion also revealed that they had heard rumors that the tool would be used to exchange secret messages between intelligence agency employees and the like.

Some pointed out that the translation tool relies on artificial intelligence networks that scan academic texts and other online content to find the best translations. Therefore, meaningless repetitive word sequences can cause the oracles to become confused and create these nuts.

In addition, Brett pointed out that Google Translate also allows us to send translation suggestions - meaning that there is a loophole that the trolling-worshiping class can use to spread teasing and conspiracy theories. And what would our monotonous routines be without a good deal of nonsense to get things going, right?


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