Do you know what would happen to Earth if all the ice melted?

You may have heard a thousand times that the melting ice that exists on our planet will cause a significant rise in sea levels, right? You may have even heard that many coastal cities will suffer the consequences - and most of them may disappear underwater.

But can you imagine the "depth" of the problem the world will face if all the ice on Earth melts? To make it easier to see what is expected to happen in the future - if something is not done to curb global warming - the folks at Business Insider have prepared the animation you can check out below. Spoiler Alert: The consequences are a bit daunting. Look:

According to information accompanying the video, in 2013, National Geographic reported that if all the ice on the planet melts, sea levels should rise by more than 65 meters. As a result, the continents will be remodeled, not to mention that many of the world's largest cities are expected to disappear underwater. By the way, did you pay attention to the effects that will be suffered here in South America? Worrying, isn't it?