Do you know why the toilets are almost all the same?

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We bet almost every bathroom you've ever visited has porcelain toilets. And have you ever wondered why they are not made of any other material? After all, what is not lacking there are technological news and new materials, so why not give an innovation in the good old throne?

According to Rachel Swaby, who wrote an interesting article for the Gizmodo site, although there is no shortage when it comes to seating - you may have already sat on models made of wood, cushioned, with designs, etc. - There are several reasons for the vessels to stick to traditional porcelain.

Traditional efficiency

To be efficient, these objects must be able to “discharge” waste and are waterproof, sturdy and easy to clean. Moreover, they are made up of numerous complicated parts and, depending on the material, their manufacture becomes impracticable.

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Imagine, for example, a toilet made of plastic. In addition to being complicated to design all the molds that will give rise to a throne, this material usually gives way a little. So when nature abruptly calls, you would really collapse on such an object thinking it might break under your ... Weight?

What about steel models? These vases are easy to clean, waterproof, durable and, depending on the decoration, even stylish. However, they are extremely sensitive to room temperature and, if you live in a cold region, get ready to freeze your backside.

The unbeatable and cheap porcelain

The gigantic majority of vases are made of porcelain because it meets all the requirements necessary to make an efficient throne. The raw material used - a mixture of clay and water - is inexpensive and easily manipulated. Once molded, the pieces are put into an oven that makes them extremely durable and durable. And lastly, the pieces get a layer of enamel, so they are waterproof and easy to clean.

So when you are meditating on the throne, trying to figure out why they are all the same, remember that sometimes, as reluctant as it may be, it is best to stay true to traditions.

Source: Gizmodo