Do you know what are the 10 most expensive stools in the world?

For the overwhelming majority of the world's population, feces are only meant to take away the bad stuff in our bodies and go down, and the same goes for animal droppings. However, there are some types of poop that are worth good money and are rare and can be used to create valuable products!

10. Ambergris

(Source: Twitter / @ Zajel_oman)

Ambergris is made from whales that eat part of octopuses and other fish and can digest them. When this happens, this food gets inside the gut and is covered by Ambergris, which can stay for years inside the whale, just growing and then coming out through vomit or poop!

In 2016, three fishermen found an 80kg piece of Ambergris and sold it for $ 3 million!

9. Piero Manzoni Stool

(Source: Oddity Central / Helene Bagger)

Artist Piero Manzoni, famous for his eccentric works of art, had them canned “samples” of his stools and sell them. One can sold for $ 108, 000, another for $ 242, 000.

Augusto Bonulami, who worked with Manzoni at the time the cans were made, said the artist put only plaster, to prove that every art lover would buy anything he called art, but buyers have not opened to this day afraid that the piece lost its value!

8. Elvis's Underwear

(Source: PA Photos / Dave Thompson)

In 2012, an underwear was auctioned off that Elvis would have worn during a show under the jumpsuit in 1977. One description said that the underwear was only stained in the groin area, but another guarantee that it was stained! The piece sold for 5, 000 pounds. Auctioneers wanted to sell it for 10, 000, but no one offered such value.

7. Fossilized Poop

(Source: IM Chait Gallery / Reproduction)

In 2012, a man dug up a 40-inch (fecal fossil) coprolite. The fossil came from an unidentified animal that had lived in Washington for millions of years. It went on auction in 2014, and sold for $ 10, 370.

Some critics, however, believe that it was not really a coprolite, but a mixture of volcanic ash that entered a swamp and took on that form, turning into clay.

6. Elephant Dung


The poop of elephants living in Thailand's Golden Triangle is used to make Black Ivory coffee, the most expensive in the world. Just one cup of this coffee costs about $ 50!

The coffeemaker says his distinctive feature is the naturally non-bitter taste, because the grains harvested from the feces have been processed into the elephant's stomach acid. In addition, the taste is altered by sugar cane and other foods that elephants consume.

5. Guano

(Source: Wikpedia / Acatenazzi)

This is the name given to seabird and bat excrement, used as fertilizer. Its value is so high that Peru has financed much of its budget with Guano's exports.

The Chincha Islands war between Peru and Spain was fought over Guano. Today, the South American country no longer finances its budget for bird poop, but it is still widely used by local farmers.

4. Panda Poop

(Source: Wikipedia / J. Patrick Fischer)

A teacher in China named Um Shi devised a process for farmers to use panda feces as fertilizer. The professor assured that tea fertilized with Panda's poop would prevent cancer. But the problem is that Shi expected the pound of tea to cost $ 69, 000, making it the most expensive tea in the world!

The project was stalled, and no one could prove whether tea would actually prevent cancer, let alone how it came to value without even producing the tea before!

3. Cat Poop Coffee

(Source: Pexels / Reproduction)

Another coffee made of manure! This time the name of the coffee is Kopi Iuwak, the drink is made from grains harvested from Civeta cat manure, raised on farms in the Philippines. These cats would be fed only coffee, and bred inhumanly. Your cup can cost $ 90 in the US.

Coffee tasters have already shown that the taste of Kopi is exaggerated, really not a big deal, and in blind tests it has already come in fourth!

2. Jacu Poop

(Source: Sea Island Coffee / Reproduction)

Jacu is a bird that has its feces used to make know what? Coffee! The bird is Brazilian, and a farmer decided to do the same test with him on Kopi Iuwak coffee, after seeing Jacu eating coffee beans. So he searched the undigested grains in the bird's poop and threw his Jacu coffee!

Currently, a pound of coffee is costing £ 700! What is currently equates to $ 3, 548.00!

1. Lloyds Bank Coprolith

(Source: Wikimedia / Linda Spashett)

In 1972, a group of workers found a piece of human poop 20 cm long by 5 cm wide during a work. Historians say the excrement belonged to someone with serious bowel problems and was unable to go to the bathroom for days before making that pearl!

The piece today is worth about $ 39, 000, but it is not for sale. It is just showing at the Jorvic Viking Center in York.