Do you know how much the largest Easter eggs in the world weigh?

Easter is coming, and before it's too late for you to place a more specific order for Bunny, we've selected the three largest chocolate eggs in the world. Prepare for torture.

3 - Belgium

In 2005, this beautiful 8 m high egg was produced with no less than 1, 950 kg of chocolate, or 50, 000 bars. The time taken to complete it was 525 hours.

Image Source: Playback / Inventors

2 - Argentina

At Easter last year, Bariloche presented the public with a huge 8.5 m high egg weighing 4 tonnes. To make this giant-sized delight, it took 27 people to work eight hours a day for two weeks. The egg production team explained that the process was done in stages, separating several layers of chocolate.

Image Source: Playback / DailyMail

1 - Italy

Present in the Book of Records, this egg is considered the largest in the world. The giant delight was made in 2011, measuring over 10 m high, 19 m in circumference and weighing 7.2 tons!

Image Source: Playback / GuinnessWorldRecords