Did you know that elephants can 'hear' by their feet?

Who would have thought that the huge ears of elephants are not good for listening that well? Although they do this well, it is on their feet that elephants hold one of their most incredible abilities.

Who came to this conclusion was researcher Caitlin O'Connell, who works as a biologist at Stanford University in California, United States. According to their findings, these animals can hear warnings transmitted by other elephants across the ground through pressure-sensitive nerves that are present in their paws.

If you try to remember, you may have already seen a flock of packs flapping their paws on the ground before retreating when they spot a predator. For it is precisely during this initial confusion that they use the knocking to warn other elephants that there is an imminent danger in the region. The beats create vibrational frequencies that will be transmitted to other animals that have the ability to decode the message.

Image Source: Reproduction / Shutterstock

The future of research

You may have heard about this theory that elephants communicate through vibrations, since it was raised about two decades ago. However, researchers had not found evidence to support this theory until recently.

Working with elephants since 1992, Caitlin O'Connell was able to better understand how this unique and impressive communication method works. According to her, this feature may be one of the factors that contribute to the conservation of life of these large animals.

However, the researchers noted that elephants are not yet fully able to discern the vibrations sent as signals and the frequencies caused on the ground for any other reason. From observations, biologists noted that strange vibrations felt by animals caused them to gather and become agitated.

The next step of the research is to work for elephants to communicate better so that they can understand each other more easily and protect each other more effectively.