Did you know that scorpions can live up to a year without eating?

Scorpions are amazing creatures that, despite being really small in size, inflict fear and dread on the overwhelming majority of people. Apart from theories about how to kill animals or whether or not they are immune to the poison itself, it has been found that pointed-tailed arthropods have the ability to adapt to the harshest environments.

The most amazing of these evolutionary characteristics of scorpions is their ability to slow down metabolic processing to survive in conditions of little or no feeding. These venomous arthropods by nature have a special organ called hepatopancreas, which is extremely effective in fulfilling the same function as the pancreas in humans.

Image Source: Reproduction / TodayIfoundOut In addition, scorpions also have the ability to consume an incredible amount of food in relation to their total body size. It is known that one of these creatures can eat in a single meal the equivalent of one third of its own weight. Therefore, the sum of this large potential for food acquisition with the power of metabolic slowdown means that these arthropods can live up to 12 months without eating anything.

This peculiar way the scorpion's body works also enables other benefits not found in any other existing species. Unlike animals that slow metabolism while hibernating, scorpions show no signs of weakness and remain fast and deadly even after a long time without meals.

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