Do you also think Asians eat strange foods? [video]

We from Brazil, rice and beans, often wonder at the types of food eaten by Asians in general. And the same is true of those who live in other non-Asian countries, such as the United States of hamburgers and huge glasses of soda. And it was there, in the USA, that a comedian decided to release a song about the Asian palate.

Titled “Asians Eat Weird Things, ” the clip is made in a California supermarket, while people with drawn eyes put Oriental cuisine items in a shopping cart. Foods include crow's feet and the bizarre balut, which is nothing but fertilized duck egg, a spice found in the Philippines.

The first line of the song already says that "I know it sounds crazy, but it's delicious" and "I know it sounds crazy, but, okay, I'm Asian." Following this, the singer teaches one of the girls how to eat a crow's foot: "eat the skin and leave only the bones". “Look at me, I'm eating gut now, ” is one of the accompanying verses.

The supermarket scene soon changes and we can see a pool party, with lots of people eating weird stuff. If you have the stomach to watch the video, do so and enjoy that the subtitles, when automatically translated into Portuguese, are correct. Then tell us what you think about this song, the clip and the food shown on it. And if you happen to want to know some more bizarre dishes consumed around the world, click here.