Do you have any idea what these slightly ominous "things" in the photo are?

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you looked at the picture when you accessed the story? What about mummified little children? From evil dolls? Little sculptures used in some kind of sinister ritual? God, dear reader! What a macabre mind, huh! The truth - though strange - is that the objects in the image are not devilish at all, just part of a curious story. See again:

Chocolate dolls

Can you see what these objects are? (Laughing Squid / YouTube / Caters Clips)

According to Lori Dorn of Laughing Squid, the box above, if you can't identify it yet, contains chocolate figures - and was presented to a girl named Eileen Margaret Elmes at Christmas 1910 (so-so).

The dolls - who are characters in the Little Red Riding Hood story - have paper outfits, and the little girl really must have loved the gift as she resisted the temptation to taste the goodies and kept them carefully throughout her life.

According to Lori, Eileen simply fell in love with chocolate dolls and never had the guts to devour their bodies - it sounds pretty macabre when said that way, right? - nor get rid of the candy. They are housed in a tin container and were produced long before shelf life labels became mandatory.

The “little girl” passed away in 2007 at the age of 99, and chocolates were found among her belongings. The appearance of the dolls, as you have seen, is not "edible", but they say the smell of chocolate is still appetizing. Either way, the items will be auctioned off on December 19th - and hopefully, if they are auctioned off, the figures will not become haunted!