Do you know the power of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bite?

It's not hard to imagine that a lizard like tyrannosaurus should have a big bite, right? But how powerful she was exactly, do you have any idea? According to Lea Surugue of the International Business Times website, a recent study by researchers at Florida State University found that the dinosaur's bite was capable of applying 4, 000 pounds of force - or the equivalent of three small cars. !

Not only that, but scientists also found that by nibbling on their prey, the delicate teeth of tyrannosaurs generated a pressure of no less than 100, 000 pounds per square inch, which was enough to pulverize the poor bones.

Nhoc, nhoc ...

According to Lea, the researchers were trying to figure out exactly how these dinosaurs could grind the bones of their prey, since today's reptiles - including crocodiles - can't do the same because they don't have the proper teeth. Today's animals can swallow bone fragments from their prey if they are not too large, but not crush them with their bites, as tyrannosaurs did.

Binds on the creature's teeth!

On the other hand, some mammals, such as wolves and hyenas, are able to pulverize their prey bones, so tyrannosaurs apparently had an interesting combination of abilities that made them unique.

Scientists already knew from previous studies that these dinosaurs were able to chew the bones of other reptiles and also digest fragments smoothly, and they relied on a model designed to assess how the crocodile muscles contribute to the power of bites to develop a bite. new model, including the pressure exerted by the teeth of the T-rex.

It was advantageous for them

Analysis has shown that bite strength does not imply that the animal is necessarily capable of drilling or grinding bones. In the case of tyrannosaurs, the ability to repeatedly clench teeth in one place was what allowed them to spray their prey bones. Scientists believe that this ability gave lizards advantages over other carnivorous dinosaurs, as it allowed the T-rex to consume larger carcasses and earn more sustenance.

In other words, in addition to devouring the flesh of other dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs ended up consuming more calories, minerals and nutrients through the bones. The findings are very interesting - and curious, especially the fact that lizard bites were equivalent to the weight of three cars - and may help scientists understand the biomechanics involved in the bites of other dinos.


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