You will simply die of distress with this pregnant belly!

You must agree that pregnancy is tangible proof of the miracle of life happening right before our eyes. You also have to agree that most people enjoy watching the tummies of pregnant women grow - and many can't resist the urge to touch the volume of future moms, even those with whom you don't have much intimacy!

And when the baby moves, then, and the movement can be felt and even seen by who is around the pregnant woman? At these times, not everyone is comfortable seeing lumps appearing here on the bellies of pregnant women - but even those who have no problem seeing the little aliens touching the terror will die of distress with the video below:

Unfortunately, we have no information about the pregnant woman from the video above - so we don't know who the warrior is gestating the baby, nor the details about the birth (like ... the impression is that the child must have walked out of the belly alone). mother!).

All we know is that the video was shared on YouTube in March last year by user Avalon UA ​​and has since impressed a lot of people - the belly movie had almost 1.2 million views at the time of publication. matter. And have you, dear reader, ever seen anything like it? Did you feel distressed to see the baby moving? Tell us in the comments!