Back to school: Check out 5 tips for saving on school supplies

Not only spending like IPVA and IPTU, January is also the month to buy school supplies, whose prices, according to data released by Procon, can vary up to 1000% depending on the place of the country and the brands of products. Therefore, some tips can help you save time when buying products from the school item list. Check out:

1 - Reuse

Before you go shopping, check the materials your children already have at home and sort out those that are still in good working order. It is possible to reuse, for example, backpacks, cases, rulers and scissors. For parents who have children at different ages, it is important to check lists of what can be passed from one to the other, such as textbooks.

2 - Search Prices

With so much variation in value between BOM items, the tip is to take advantage of the ease offered by the internet to find the best prices. In Google Shopping, for example, you can search by product, category and price, among other options to find the lowest values.

3 - Used materials

Buying new books can make the bill of materials even more expensive. Sites like LivraLivros enable users to exchange used books. Simply sign up for the platform to receive book alerts for exchange through Facebook and Twitter.

4 - Discount Coupons

On the internet, discount coupons can be good allies of consumers who need to save on shopping. The Coupons website brings together exclusive back-to-school offers and coupons at online stores such as Kalunga, Saraiva, Fnac, Amazon and Materials can be 10% to 25% cheaper using the promo codes available on the platform. To obtain the discount, consumers must include in the field indicated at the end of the reservation, the promotional code available at:

5 - Beware of abusive demands

Review the entire list before you go shopping. If items such as hygiene and cleaning products or administrative items appear, parents may question the school. According to Law 9.870 / 99, this is an abusive and prohibited practice. Neither can the college require parents to purchase materials in a particular establishment or under a specific brand.

* Via Assessoria Seven PR