Volunteers build gingerbread house and break record [video]

Gingerbreads are those traditional gingerbread cookies made especially on United States commemorative dates. Around here, the candy - which usually appears in doll form - gained prominence after becoming a character in the movie "Shrek" and baptizing one of the versions of Android. But the latest biscuit novelty is a world record set at the end of last month.

Located in the city of Bryan, Texas, in the United States, the house broke the record of construction allied with the confectionery. According to Reuters, the work totals 35.8 million calories and has an area of ​​2, 520 square meters. The edible exterior of the building was mounted on a wooden structure by volunteers whose primary purpose is to raise funds for St. Joseph's Hospital.

“We think big around here and we are competitive, ” said Bill Horton, manager of Traditions Club, one of the associations involved in the project. And it was precisely this ambition that led Texans to win the title of the largest gingerbread house in the world, which once belonged to the city of Bloomington, Minnesota.

Image Source: Playback / Metro

Record Revenue

To achieve this, it was necessary to use 820 kilos of butter, 1, 327 kilos of brown sugar, 7, 200 eggs, 3, 266 kilos of flour, 31 kilos of ginger powder and a few more ingredients. After mixing everything together, the dough pieces were baked to form panels that could be used in the construction of the house.

The confectioners tried to reduce the use of butter and baking soda as much as possible to increase the duration of cookies that would have to be exposed to various weather conditions. The house was completed on November 30 and continues to withstand the heat and possible rains in Texas.

In addition to gingerbread cookies, the house has been decorated with 22, 304 varied and colorful candies. In the first week of opening, the attraction managed to raise $ 150, 000. Every day, about 600 visitors pass through the house, which is open to the public until December 14th.