111-year-old grandma attributes longevity to drink and cigarette

Briton Dorothy Peel contradicted what experts say when it comes to health and still completed her 111th year last weekend. Claiming that the secret of her longevity would be drink and cigarettes, Grandma caught the attention of the international press and was featured in some tabloids.

“I drank regularly during the day. In the morning I drank about 200 mL of sherry [which is a type of liqueur wine], at lunch a gin and tonic and, around 7 pm, some ginger ale with whiskey. Nowadays I only drink sherry from time to time, ”reveals the humorous lady.

What you like doesn't hurt

Dorothy also says that her drinks were always accompanied by a cigarette as she smoked a pack a day. The British explains that she quit after a case of bronchitis and many medical recommendations.

Image Source: Reproduction / The Sun

“I am tempted to smoke a single cigarette at Christmas or New Year's Eve along with rosé champagne, which is my favorite drink of all time, ” jokes Dorothy, who believes it is living proof that doing what you like doesn't it's bad for your health.

The British woman who went through two wars and remembers the disaster of the Titanic also had no children and believes it favored her good looks and made her feel good to this day. Vainly, Dorothy has lived in a nursing home for 13 years and has not spent any of her days without elegantly dressing and putting on her heeled shoes.