Will.i.am Unveils Its Line of Clip iPhone Accessories

More than making music, now Will.i.am also signs a line of iPhone accessories. Called photo.sosho, the peripherals promise to boost the camera of the device and give the iPhone an incredible look, making it virtually unrecognizable.

In the music video, you can see some versions with gold details, Burberry plaid and even a vibrant yellow. In addition to appearing hanging around the neck of the musician as if it were an ordinary camera, the accessory also appears on a white background, where you can check closely and recognize the iPhone attached to the piece.

According to The Telegraph, accessories are already available in iPhone 4 and 4S versions for prices starting at £ 199, or about $ 660. The exclusive model for the iPhone 5 should reach the market only in 2013 and there is no information on the marketing of accessories in Brazil.

See above the clip of the song "Scream & Shout" and check out more details of the release.