Australian zoo wants to replace balloons with soap bubbles

For the purpose of saving wildlife, Australia's Zoos Victoria zoos are asking people to replace their balloons with bubbles when they are playing outdoors, and have recruited their own rescued animals to show how fun bubbles can be.

Source: Zoos Victoria

The effects of plastic on nature, especially the oceans, have been catching the attention of many people in recent times. Therefore, the use of bags, bottles and plastic straws is decreasing. But few people think of balloons, which are not stopped by any physical barrier created by humans, as they can float above them. After bags and fishing nets, balloons are the most commonly found plastic waste in the ocean.

However, people like balloons, especially children. So to show that this fun can be replaced, the company Zoos Victoria, which has three zoos around Melbourne, made a video to show that their animals prefer soap bubbles.

Many animals end up eating the balloons, thinking it is eaten, or are strangled by the strings that tie the balloons. Bubbles, on the other hand, are harmless, yet stimulate the senses of animals, making life at the zoo much more fun.

The company has made sure not to use toxic chemicals in soap bubbles, and also does its part to preserve wildlife by not selling bottles and plastic bags in zoos.

Check out the zoo video below: