15 defective works that make no sense

1. Some works were so poorly executed that the best alternative is to laugh not to cry

2. There are houses whose entry requires a climb

3. Stairs that connect nowhere to nowhere

4. Urban cycle paths that offer roadblocks

5. Garages that have never seen a parked car

6. And creations that took the sense of worthlessness too far

7. Some projects don't care about their cities' master plan

8. While we inevitably attribute a double meaning to others

9. There are also works that stand out for their return to the past.

10. Residences whose security is not the highest priority

11. Grandstands that will never offer a privileged view

12. And public toilets where it is preferable not to do number 2

13. As you saw, some building creations don't make much sense

14. They may cause irreversible material damage.

15. But nothing prevents them from getting a few laughs from us