4 Body Parts You - Possibly - Not Cleansing Right

1 - Under the nails

Everyone is bald to know that it is very important to wash our hands often, as we use them to perform most of our daily actions, so they are not only exposed to endless germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. how they can transfer these organisms to the surfaces we touch. Except nails don't always get the same attention, do they? But they should!

A UK survey of 100 people - men and women - pointed to the presence of disease-causing bacteria under their nails. More precisely, scientists found these organisms in 24% of men's nails and 15% of women's nails that participated in the study. So when you wash your hands, be sure to clean the claws!

2 - Behind the ears

If there are already a lot of people who forget to wash their ears while bathing, imagine if their back is not neglected! It turns out that the sebaceous glands in this region do not stop secreting sebum just because we do not remember that it exists, so there is an accumulation of bacteria there.

Not to mention that the accumulation of sebum - whose primary function is to keep the skin protected and hydrated - in the region behind the ears can make the area start to smell too, and believe me, spraying a scent won't make things any better!

3 - The navel

We at Mega Curious have already talked about this fascinating part of our body - home to a wide variety of microorganisms, many of which are still unknown to science. During a study involving 100 people, a team of researchers found more than 1, 400 types of bacteria living in participants' navels.

Scientists also discovered something not very surprising during the research: that individuals who did not wash their navels with soap and water often had a greater number and variety of organisms living in these areas of their bodies. Because to keep the bacterial population under control, it is important not to forget about this region while bathing and to ensure that it stays clean and dry.

4 - The scalp

Leaving aside the discussion about how many times we should wash our hair a week - some say that the ideal is between once and twice a week, while others say we should wash it when we think it's best - the fact is that the hair they always get the most attention, as they are the most visible and exposed, but the scalp is often not.

It turns out that carelessness with the scalp can cause many of the hair problems that people suffer to fight, such as scaling, itching and excess oils. After all, there is a high concentration of sebaceous and sweat glands in the region - and we need to sanitize it from the secretions these structures release.