5 northeastern cities to enjoy the best of June parties

It's time to take your plaid shirt out of the closet and get ready to dance, smile, play and party one of the most delicious and anticipated times of the year - the June parties. And it is in the rhythm of forró, frevo and creep that the northeastern cities are filled with color, joy, attractions and parties for all tastes and profiles.

Check out where and how to enjoy São João in these 5 Brazilian cities:

1. Maceió - Alagoas

The June festivals of Maceió may not even have the fame that Campina Grande, Caruaru and so many other northeastern cities have, but they do not deserve to be forgotten. Celebrations in the capital of Alagoas range from shows with famous artists such as Marília Mendonça and Gusttavo Lima to gang contests, bazaars and the like. For those who like the beach and want to enjoy São João in a holiday mood, the capital's resorts are great options. Pratagy Beach All Inclusive Resort, for example, will have special period programming with lots of activities for kids and typical adult foods and drinks. Another cool tip is the Café de La Music, which always has unforgettable parties.

June party

2. Campina Grande - Paraíba

Rival of Caruaru, Campina Grande, Paraíba, boasts and guarantees to have the “best São João in the world”. And attractions to ensure such a post abound. Highlights for the traditional collective wedding, always held on Valentine's Day, the forró train and the giant foods. The shows also catch the eye and attract tourists from all corners of the country. In 2017, for example, Campina Grande received more than 2 million people. For 2018 are confirmed Wesley Safadão, Elba Ramalho, Luan Santana and many other artists.

June party

3. Caruaru - Pernambuco

Raised to the forró capital post, Caruaru, in the wild of Pernambuco, offers one of the most traditional June festivals in the country. There are almost 30 days of parties with programming that is divided between shows of great artists, gangs, stalls with goodies, photo spaces and special decoration throughout the city. Highlight for the celebrations of Alto do Moura, where are the houses of masters of crafts, including the works of Master Vitalino, the most famous artisan of the city. On site you can also find great expressions and artistic manifestations. For lovers of culture, the city has several museums, one of them dedicated to Luiz Gonzaga, the king of Baião.

June party

4. Mossoró - Rio Grande do Norte

In the cozy Mossoró, in Rio Grande do Norte, the true forró Pé de Serra takes over the city throughout June and attracts a large volume of tourists interested in the shows and attractions promoted by the city. Besides the presence of great artists, such as Alceu Valença, Joelma and the Forró Airplanes Band, already confirmed for 2018 edition, the city offers cultural and theatrical performances that value local artists. One of the most staged plays in the streets during the June period, even, depicts the day the city won an invasion and expelled the band of Lampião and Maria Bonita from Mossoró.

June party

5. Aracaju - Sergipe

Lovingly called Forró Caju, Aracaju's main June party in Sergipe attracts over 1 million people each year to the capital. The festivities are a little different because they include folkloric performances among the attractions, but it is still possible to dance gangs and get lost amidst the typical food stalls and junino games. For those who can't dance, Forró Caju has some dance teachers to help the most lost tourists.

June party

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