5 Combinations You Shouldn't Do When Eating

1 - Chocolate milk

The problem is that cocoa has a substance called oxalic acid, which does not let the body absorb calcium from milk. In excessive amounts, this more than popular mixture is also harmful to the kidneys.

2 - Salad plus lemon or vinegar

Do you think salads are harmless? You know nothing, innocent! When we season salads with only lemon or vinegar, we end up not absorbing some of their nutrients, which need fat for absorption. Ideally add olive oil, but if you don't like it you can try avocado, olives or some nuts.

3 - Pasta, cheese and tomato sauce

Our saliva has a substance that causes pasta to digest quickly in our bodies, and the problem is that tomato acids end up disrupting digestion - even worse if you have sprinkled your pasta with grated cheese. Adding basil can lessen the effects of this problem.

4 - Eggs with bacon

We have three words that make the mouth of many people salivate. Comination, however, is not very healthy, as our bodies need to work hard to digest these items - if you like to eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, it's no wonder you feel tired throughout the day. .

To avoid having to abandon your American breakfast, replace bacon with tomatoes, as the acid in this fruit helps digest the egg.

5 - Pizza with soda

Yes, this list of information is the kind that only makes us suffer, but to take care of health is worth learning a few things, even if they cause us sadness.

In this perfect-looking combination, we have carbohydrates, protein and starch, which make the body have to work hard for digestion. Then, when we drink the soda, comes the sugar, which slows down the digestion and, to make it worse, leaves us with a swollen belly.

If you make pizza with soda a common habit, be smart: it can cause stomach ailments. To ensure health free of gastritis, ulcers and the like, drink sweet drinks at least one hour before eating.