5 really crazy races around the world

1. Krispy Kreme Challenge

In the town of Raleigh, North Carolina, students at the local university have started a rather curious competition: the “athletes” run from the college campus, run 4 km to the donut Krispy Kreme store, They need to eat 12 donuts on site and return to their starting point.

The game began only among students in 2004, and two years later ended up open to the public, raising $ 800 for a children's hospital. Last year, over 8, 000 people attended and were able to raise more than $ 195, 000 in donations! The 2017 race is scheduled for February 4th.

2. The Red Dress Race

In 1938, a crowd gathered to found the Hash House Harriers club, which is now headquartered in many parts of the world. They are all amateur runners and participated in small events until 1987, when history put the bizarre thing into action. That year in San Diego, a woman showed up at the clubhouse wearing heels and a red dress.

The guys deduced that she is just visiting a friend - which was true - and that she would not be an “athlete”. The woman faced this as a challenge and took part in a race the way she was dressed. The following year, the Red Dress Race began, with this woman as an inspiring muse.

More than 100 such races take place annually in various places. The next will be in Seattle (February 11) and Moline (February 18). In addition to the fun, the game raises funds for charities in the city where the event takes place. Cool, right?

3. Stiletto Race

In 2008, Usain Bolt set a world record of 100 meters running the course in 9.58 seconds. But how long would it take to do this on high heels? This is the proposal of the Stiletto race, which takes place annually in Haarlem, the Netherlands: men and women need to run while balancing at least 9 cm high jumps.

In addition, the race helps raise funds for “Free a Girl, ” an NGO that assists girls and women who are victims of international trafficking in persons, primarily for prostitution. The organization supports women from both the Netherlands and Asia and even from Brazil! In 2017, the race is scheduled for June 11.

4. Pancake Race

Fat Tuesday - which in Brazil is known as Carnival Tuesday - is a date when many people decide to stuff themselves with food to prepare for the Lenten fast, which begins the next day. In many parts of the UK, the crowd gathers for an event-filled breakfast to celebrate the day, including a Pancake Race.

This kind of joke is believed to have been going on for over 500 years! In the race, open to women only, competitors must travel the course wearing an apron and a headscarf while turning pancakes into a frying pan. This year the event will take place on February 28th.

5. Kona Underwear Race

In Kona, Hawaii, a tradition began in 1998 to protest the use of swimsuits in places other than the archipelago's beaches. Underwear-only people walk a little over 2 miles, while raising money for local charities.

Over time, the tradition took place on the same day as the Ironman World Triathlon Championship: before the official race, amateur competitors take part in the game on the streets of Kona. In 2017, the race is scheduled for October 12th.