6 ways to disturb an anxious person's mind

When anxiety invades our tranquility, it is almost impossible to hold back the urge to kick the bucket. Nervousness seems to be in charge of our actions, and, backed up, we can do nothing.

This anticipatory suffering has led artists Aaron Tilley and Kyle Bean to recreate moments when something terrible is about to happen. Their project reveals the intriguing relationship between what the mind feels and how the body reacts. Check it out:

1. Not even Vanish solves: the fountain pen ready to stain a shirt lighter than snow forever

2. Free-range eggs about to smear a piece of marble

3. The bladder that will briefly touch the sharp tips of the nails

4. The champagne glass that will be crushed by the domino effect of heavy bricks

5. The stone prepared to destroy 224 matchsticks

6. The bubble wrap that will be popped by a bowling ball

* Posted on 03/03/2016