Know What Blood Type Is Most Related To Heart Attacks In Men

If health is your concern, and we expect it to be, you may well imagine that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising is the recipe for never experiencing events like a heart attack, right? Right, yes, no doubt. The point is that, according to a recent study, this is not just enough: men of some blood types appear to be more likely to have a heart attack.

In this research, scientists analyzed data from more than 1.3 million people who had previously participated in previous cardiovascular disease studies, and ultimately men with blood types A, B, or AB are 9 percent more likely to have an episode. of heart attack than those of blood type O.



This analysis, for the time being, is only statistical and it is not known why individuals in blood group O appear to be less likely to have this type of heart disease. Still, the researchers risk some guesses, such as the fact that non-blood group O people tend to have higher levels of blood clotting proteins, which can cause clogging in the arteries.

In a press release, the researchers also explained that people in blood groups A, B, and AB tend to have higher cholesterol and inflammatory response rates.

The idea now is to study each type of blood in isolation to determine the relationship of each with the highest risk of having a heart attack. Until then, we are left with maintaining health care, eating well, engaging in physical activity, avoiding risky behaviors, lowering alcohol consumption and, of course, seeking medical help if something seems to be wrong.


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