6 Steps to Earn the Trust of a Shy Person

1 - Start the conversation in a simple way

Do not want to go joking or asking personal things. When chatting with someone you know to be shy, ask simple questions, as they are the ones that make a conversation go deeper. The good old "where are you from?" Already works.

2 - Point out your satisfaction in talking to the person

Taking the first step in talking with a shy wallet is critical, and once things begin to flow, reinforce your caller's self-confidence by telling him or her you're happy to have met or met him.

3 - Repeat the person's name during the conversation

People are happy when their callers repeat their names, so do it whenever possible - just be careful not to get artificial, huh. Releasing a “It's true, So-and-So, 2016 was a year with many surprises” makes one feel valued and get involved in the conversation.

4 - Show interest

As you chat, show that you are curious about the shy person's life with whom you are talking, and gradually find ways to ask about their hobbies and the things that motivate them - listen to the answers with interest as well., of course.

5 - Offer your help

Those who are shy often feel uncomfortable asking for help when they need it, and because of that, they don't ask for support. If you say that you are available to help the person in any way, if that help is available to them, they will feel confident in you.

6 - Let the flow follow

After all these points, let the conversation flow naturally, even because it will happen as the shy person will be more comfortable and will tend to behave more loosely. From there, the dialogue tends to flow without much hindrance.