7 of the most unbelievable waterfalls on earth

1. Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Lebanon

Nature has the amazing ability to make us wonder if some of its creations are montages or not. A good example is this impressive waterfall located in Lebanon, which looks more like the backdrop of a science fiction movie. It was carved for hundreds of millions of years by the melting ice of Mount Lebanon. Interestingly enough, this magnificent work of nature had to wait until 1952 to be discovered during the expedition of a French biologist!

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

2. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland

If, by chance, Mega's newsroom won at Mega, it would surely make a kitty to get a fixed address in Iceland. And no wonder: the small European country is home to some of the most charming places on earth! One is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, a picturesque 60-meter waterfall with a small cave in the background where tourists can hike and capture beautiful images.

(Reproduction / Restnova)

3. Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Another sensational destination in Iceland is Gullfoss, an impressive waterfall that, during the coldest time of the year, is partially frozen. Among the numerous waterfalls of the small European nation, this is the most visited.

(Reproduction / Bizarre Globe Hopper)

4. Minnehaha Waterfall in the United States

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is so severe that it can sometimes freeze waterfalls with voluminous water flows. Proof of this is this impressive solidified waterfall in the US state of Minnesota.

(Reproduction / Oddee)

5. Victoria Falls on Zambia's border with Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the largest sets of waterfalls on the planet, and is home to one of the most interesting - and scary - natural pools in existence. Known as the Devil's Pool, the formation is accessible only when the water flow reaches a certain level, which usually happens between September and December. It is perfect for the bravest swimmers to dive safely.

(Reproduction / Taringa)

6. Izvorul Bigar, Romania

This is not one of the highest waterfalls in existence (it is only 8 meters high) and the water that flows through it, strangely, does not originate from rivers or glaciers, but from an underground spring. This invisible spring, through small holes, spouts out the water contained in the rock, and a thick layer of moss slows its flow, which gives the waterfall an unusual appearance of shower.

(Reproduction / Earthables)

7. Angel Jump, Venezuela

It is impossible not to mention in a list of waterfalls the largest of them, the Venezuelan Salto Ángel and its unbelievable 979 meters in height. Just to give you an idea: it is so tall, but so high that some of the water running down it evaporates before it reaches the ground.

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