8 dirty things that go through your hands daily

Some are heroines and help us survive. Others are bandits and want to contaminate us. Yes, we are talking about bacteria, these little creatures that go through our lives daily and are necessary for the existence of life on the planet. But many of them live in the dirt, which is why we should be hygienic.

By the way, have you ever wondered how dirty things are around us? Every day we deal with contaminated objects, but we don't even realize it. With that in mind, we've created a list of eight dirty things that you use almost daily. Of course, besides being curious, this short article serves to keep you alert and always take care of hygiene.

1. Toilet

Your toilet is likely to be very clean, but toilets are places that are prone to bacterial build-up. Of course, public toilets are even dirtier, after all, not everyone is as aware of sanitation. You can't stop using it, but it is a tip to use paper seats whenever possible to avoid contact with bacteria.

(Image source: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons)

2. Your mouth

All right, you brush your teeth several times a day, but even with a thorough cleaning, the bacteria won't come out of your mouth. That's because so many of them live there to help you. There are millions of bacteria that inhabit this space - by the way, there are more than 700 species.

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To prevent bacteria build-up, the tip is to avoid bringing your hand to your mouth at all times, especially if you just dropped a dirty object. It is also worth forgetting to brush your teeth, as this habit helps to prevent problems with tooth decay.

3. Door Handles

You may not even notice, but every day your hand goes through some doorknobs. Inevitably, you need to use them to open the doors. There is no way to estimate the number of bacteria that live in one of these devices, after all, many people can touch this area. The solution? Whenever possible wash your hands so you avoid getting contaminated.

(Image source: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons)

4. Money

Credit and debit cards have come to make shopping easier, but we often need to use common notes. They travel by many hands and are contaminated by countless bacteria.

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According to a study by Wright Patterson Medical Center in Dayton (Ohio, USA), a ballot contains so many bacteria that anyone could get sick. You will not be able to stop using money, but it is always worth cleaning hands to avoid major problems.

5. Keyboard

If you are reading this article it is because at some point you typed the address of Mega Curioso in the address bar. This useful peripheral is contaminated daily, either by your hand, food scraps that fall on the keys, or even when your cat runs over it.

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Those who use public computers must be extra careful, after all, many people use the same keyboard and rarely the peripheral gets a good cleaning. Therefore, after using a PC, try to wash your hands thoroughly.

6. Remote Control

It's hard to stay a whole day without turning on the television. Many people have a habit of taking control of their pay-TV and switching for hours on end. Like the keyboard, the remote control also contains a lot of bacteria, so you need to always keep it clean and sanitize your hands after your favorite program ends.

(Image source: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons)

7. Cell Phone

Believe it or not, cell phones can be dirtier than toilets. The problem here is the small holes, key spaces and also the high temperature of the devices.

(Image source: Press Release / Apple)
On top of all this, it is common for friends to use your device, which further increases the chances of creating a home for bacteria. The tips you already know: Keep the gadget clean and always wash your hands.

8. Shopping Cart

Sure, you don't go to the market everyday, but at some point you need to shop. Many people use grocery carts, which makes them true vehicles for bacteria. Certain establishments even clean these items, but anyway, this cleaning is not done all the time.

E. coli Bacterium (Image source: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons)

A University of Arizona survey found that of a sample of 87 trolleys, 50% were contaminated with the bacterium E. coli (present in the human gut). These vehicles carry bacteria, saliva and even fecal matter - like the bacteria mentioned. Therefore, prevent and avoid contamination.

Anyway, our list ends here, but of course there are hundreds of other objects that must be handled hygienically to avoid health problems. So don't forget: after using the computer, wash your hands thoroughly!