8 myths about the functioning of the human brain

The complexity of the functioning of the human brain is one of the factors responsible for the difficulty in understanding how our thinking organ works exactly. Throughout history, science has been discovering new facets, and as these discoveries emerge, some myths are shattered - which does not mean that we no longer believe in them. Know some of these myths below:

1 - We don't use only 10% of our brain capacity

The truth is that different brain parts are used most throughout the day, but there is no evidence that only 10% of our brain capacity is used at a time.

2 - Blind people do not have the other more developed senses.

They do learn to use them more efficiently, but that does not mean that lack of vision increases the ability of other senses to use.

3 - Psychology is science, yes

There are still people who understand the studies of human behavior as something related to common sense or some kind of mysticism. Psychology is science, people!

Thanks, brain!

4 - Newborn babies do not feel well only if they are cared for by their mothers.

This is controversial, we know, but the truth is that during the first three months of life, babies adapt to the care of anyone.

5 - The sides of the brain do not work separately.

That story that someone is ruled by the right or left side of the brain is bullshit. There is even a difference in intensity of activity, but no one is controlled by only one side.

6 - No relationship between handwriting and personality traits

The way you write says a few things about you, but not about your personality, which is a much more complex behavioral identity.

7 - The Power of the Mind Cannot Cure Cancer

In fact, thinking positively helps in the healing process of many diseases, but not cancer.

8 - Bigger brains aren't the smartest

It does not matter the size but the way it is used. This maxim goes for many things.


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