After 6 Years, NASA Will Finally Transmit a Landing on Mars

When was the last time you sat in front of your TV or computer to observe a beautiful landing on Mars? It's been a long time, right? If you are a space events enthusiast, we have good news: NASA will broadcast the little bit of InSight Mars Lander on the red planet on November 26th. And this time, no one can be left out: the broadcast will happen on Nasa TV on the site, on Twitter and Facebook.

The event is being eagerly awaited by a number of science fans, as the last time NASA made a landing broadcast was six years ago with the Curiosity rover. Now is InSight's turn, which took off on May 5th. If all goes well, this will be the first NASA spacecraft to land on Mars since Curiosity, which preceded it in 2012.

This time, the mission's goal is to study deep inside the red planet, gathering data that will help scientists better understand the formation of rocky planets - including ours.

Got excited and want to follow the mission broadcast? Just follow the broadcasts on NASA's social networks. Click here to access the official release day schedule page, including interviews with mission experts, conferences and more.


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After 6 Years, NASA Will Finally Transmit a Mars Landing via TecMundo