The first pictures taken in 12 cities around the world

1. Houston - USA

This 1856 photo, taken at No. 300 on Main Street, shows buildings with wooden facades that burned down shortly thereafter. By 1866, masonry buildings were already changing the landscape - and some remain standing today!

2. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The Frenchman Louis Comte took a picture of the Imperial Palace in January 1840, being the first recorded picture in South America! It is important to the history of photography because it is one of the oldest to bring people and animals together in a public place very clearly. In 2016, a monument in XV Square was inaugurated to honor this image.

3. London - England

The daguerrotype was invented in 1838 giving rise to the world of photography. The following year, Antoine Claudet, a disciple of Louis Daguerre, recorded the first image of London. The highlight is the Great Fire Monument, inaugurated in 1677 to remember a tragedy 11 years earlier.

4. Boston - USA

The first photo taken over 600 meters high was of the city of Boston - this is also its oldest record. It was taken by James Wallace Black in 1860 aboard an air balloon.

5. Recife - Brazil

Charles DeForest Fredricks was one of the first photography buffs to do extensive work in South America. He worked with daguerotype machines and made the oldest record of Recife in 1851.

6. Jerusalem - Israel

Frenchman Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey took an extensive trip through Italy, the Middle East and other Mediterranean countries recording over 900 photos from 1841 to 1844, such as this one from Jerusalem near the end of the trip. They were stored in his house until 1920, when they went public.

7. Toronto - Canada

This 1856 image shows King Street West and was made from the top of a hotel located on that street. The registration allegedly served to attempt to qualify the city as the future headquarters of the nation's capital - something that never materialized.

8. Tokyo - Japan

Felipe Beato, an Italian photographer, climbed Atagoyama Hill to make this record of the Japanese capital sometime between 1865 and 1866.

9. Sydney - Australia

Photographer Robert Hunt recorded a piece of Macquarie Street in 1855.

10. Los Angeles - USA

Downtown Los Angeles as it was in the year 1860 was recorded in this photo, which shows Plaza Church. In the center of this square was the city's first water reservoir.

11. Paris - France

One of the earliest records of Louis Daguerre, the inventor of the daguerretetype, was this 1838 image of the French capital. At that time, the exhibition lasted a long time - it was believed that Daguerre took 10 minutes in this record. Some cars and people were driving down the street at the moment, but as they were moving, they were not registered. Unlike the man in the lower left corner, who is supposedly the first human being eternalized in a photograph.

12. Agra - India

The famous Taj Mahal is in Agra, but the first picture taken in the city in 1855 showed Fort Moti Masjid.