Aww! Relax once and for all with this purr cat simulator

If even attacking DJ in Google's doodle this Friday (11) you are still stressed and about to explode, a new site can be the solution to all your problems - even momentarily. After all, we're talking about a page that simulates the universally cute purring of cats.

Part of the My Noise portal, the Furry Friend tool is a perfect tool for reproducing the noise made by felines when you choose to pet them. Believe me, the proposal is not too bold: there are at least eight unique selectors for the user to customize to purr to their liking.

Test. Listen. Relax!

It is possible to let the audio with a higher or lower cadence, make the noise more intense or softer, change the purr tone, increase the excitement of the virtual kitten and basically modify each element of this cuteness simulator. It's worth testing each item to find out the setting that's right for you.

According to the page, the game is tailored for your relaxation, as studies show that experience with sound relieves stress and can even improve your blood pressure. If you don't have a pet or are away from yours, this may be the opportunity to check out what your life would be like with a kitten on your lap or to miss your pussy.