July 4th Celebration Ends at San Diego Fiasco [Video]

The 4th of July is known worldwide for marking the independence of the United States, being celebrated there with beautiful fireworks shows. And according to the LA Times, one of the most anticipated shows is San Diego's Big Bay Boom, famous for being one of the largest in the country.

However, according to the publication, this year's show, instead of booming, has turned into a big fiasco, disappointing thousands of viewers. A technical failure caused all the fires in the show to explode simultaneously, causing the 18-minute burn to end in just 15 seconds.

(Image source: Playback / i.imgur.com)

The Big Bay Boom tends to draw crowds of approximately half a million people each year and is mounted on five platforms in San Diego Bay. Beach-view hotels even charge special rates on this date, and this year's show was announced by the organizers as the biggest of recent times.

The company responsible for the burning of the fires - Garden State Fireworks - said previous tests had not detected any problems, and it has not yet been determined what might have caused the incident.

Sources: LA Times and YouTube