Check out 11 more super creative campaigns

With so many competing products and services out there, advertisers need to be extremely innovative to make one brand stand out more than another. And to get the public's attention, creativity has no limits! Here at Mega Curioso we have already posted several articles with super creative campaigns, and today we have selected 11 more inspiring examples for you to check out. Look:

1 - Goalkeeper

Has anyone missed seeing this colossal Adidas campaign?

2 - Soap Powder

3 - Will a chocolate there?

4 - Help!

The Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark has found an interesting way to get public attention and attract visitors, don't you think?

5 - What time is it?

Advertising action by Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen on airport buses.

6 - Extra Large

Fun campaign launched by condom maker Durex.

7 - Superman

It is a bird? A plane? ... This was one of the actions to promote the release of the Superman movie.

8 - How about some coffee?

9 - Brilliant Idea

Billboard to promote the British publication "The Economist".

10 - Homer Simpson

Homer devouring endless donuts to promote the release of The Simpsons: The Movie.

11 - Interrogation

Billboard announcing the Law & Order series.