Dancing is one of the best brain aging remedies

That exercise is critical for all age groups should be bald by now, but that it can reverse the signs of aging in the brain is perhaps new - and dance is a champion in this regard. This conclusion was published recently following research by a German institute of neurodegenerative diseases.

The sample, however, was quite small, mainly due to the high costs involving magnetic resonance imaging. In all, 14 people in the average age group of 67 who practiced dance regularly were surveyed, as well as 12 others who were adept at other physical exercises.

The research lasted 18 months, in which the dancers received weekly choreography routines, while the other group practiced exercises aimed at endurance and flexibility. Interestingly enough, everyone has had an increase in the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for memory and balance, which is behind problems with Alzheimer's disease.

Dance like there's no tomorrow

The group that got the dance had the best results on the issue of balance, most likely by the choreography they needed to learn and varied more than other people's physical exercises.

The next step is to deepen this research and encourage dance academies for seniors as a fun way to prevent brain aging. After all, age is more a matter of soul, isn't it? Let's keep the spirit active all the time!